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Cynthia and Andre enjoyed to check out the outdoors, so they relocated to perform an experience filled life in Colorado. They had a deep love for the mountains, and wished to discover a puppy that delighted in treking simply as much.

They embraced a rescue pet called Henry in 2014, and were thrilled to discover that not just did this puppy delight in experience, however he was born for it!

““ On Henry ’ s initially trek, he right away went to discover the most significant rock around to base on top of to get a greater view. Since then, we call him our little mountain goat for not just his climbing up abilities however for his love of the outdoors.””


After falling for Henry, they wished to include another furry member of the family to their team. Henry would frequently get distressed throughout the couples time far from house, so they understood they required to discover him the ideal pal to assist to inhabit his time.

 Henry and Baloo Instagram: @Henrythecoloradodog

They were on the look for a feline that was a bit more on the wild side, that might suit well with their way of life. After a couple of months of browsing, they discovered a lovable Siamese mix called Baloo. Little did they understand, they brought house a friend for Henry that enjoyed the outdoors simply as much as he did!

It appeared as though Henry and Baloo were produced each other. Henry discovered outright pleasure with his brand-new feline good friend, while Baloo discovered the convenience he was doing not have considering that his time invested as a deserted kittycat. They were precisely what each other required, and triggered to delight in a life filled with expedition, together.

This household has actually treked, camped, snowshoed and stand-up paddle boarded together in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Texas, California, Oregon and beyond. They have actually went on one of the most breath taking journeys, and record everything on their Instagram @henrythecoloradodog . They have actually constructed rather the following of adoring fans!

 Henry and Baloo Instagram: @Henrythecoloradodog

If you are anything like the rest people, you might question, how do they keep these 2 from running by themselves experiences throughout their walkings? The couple describes how Baloo uses a reflective leash that the couple hangs on to throughout harder walkings. Throughout longer walkings, Baloo even hangs out in their knapsack, and understands to meow when he wishes to go out and check out! Henry on the other hand, is extremely faithful, and remains by their side at all times. He uses a bell for any of the times that he might stroll a bit more, ensuring to reveal himself to any wild animals that might remain in the location.

He even functions as the couples ““ watchdog ” as he starts to act a bit nervous if there is a wild animal near. In this manner the couple can reverse, and discover a more secure path.

 Henry and Baloo Instagram: @Henrythecoloradodog

This extraordinary team sure has a fantastic sense of experience, and will no doubt continue to check out these lands to their hearts’ ’ material. We can ’ t wait to see where they go next!

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Image Source: Instagram: @henrythecoloradodog

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