Border Collies Are Restoring Chilean Forest After Fire Destroys Them

When fires devastated central Chile, causing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage and hundreds of thousands of homes to be lost, amidst the justifiable concern for the human beings impacted by the tragedy, there was also concern for another entity, one hugely impacted by the 100 wildfires, yet unable yo vocalize the trauma, Chile’s forests.

Nearly 1.5 million acres of forest were decimated by the fires. And it soon became obvious that reseeding on such a wide scale would be an incredibly arduous and expensive undertaking for humans. Fortunately, several green-minded individusls had the bright idea to leverage the boundless energy of creatures that actually enjoy running through the forrest. Border collies, natural runners and herders, have been outfitted with seed-filled backpacks and are now on a quest to reseed Chile’s burnt acres of Forrest.

Key Takeaways:

  • In one year central Chile experienced 100 different wildfires, which devastated almost 1.5 million acres of forrest land.
  • Fransisca and Constanza Torres had the bright idea to leverage the natural energy of border collies to reseed the damaged acres.
  • The collies are equipped with seed-stuffed backpacks and let loose to disperse a new generation of trees to fill up the barren, fire-destroyed acres.

“With over a million acres of forest to try and rebuild, it would take a miracle, or a little creative thinking.”

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