Dirty Dogs Contest Nominates The Ten Best Shelter Dog Transformations

There have been many amazing shelter dog transformations that have been witnessed by thousands of people across the United States. It is no secret that many dogs have tough lives when they are in a shelter and can even be considered a nuisance during their time there. However, the stories of the dogs who get out and end up leading a very happy and productive life are plentiful and it goes to show that if in the right environment, dogs will flourish.

Key Takeaways:

  • Not all shelter dogs are like the stereotype unfriendly dogs that you hear of.
  • Dogs will reciprocate love if it is given and shown to them consistently.
  • If done right, taking care of a shelter dog can be so fulfilling and worthwhile.

“Milo was taken in from a local animal control by The Simon Foundation, Inc. The stray pup had a rough life living on the streets. Once he received a good meal and a fresh haircut, he was quickly adopted.”

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