Dogs Are More Than Just Welcome At This Apartment Complex – They’re Required!

Finding affordable housing can be difficult, but for many dog owners, it is a nearly impossible task. Many have to choose between their beloved pets and sacrificing conveniences such as affordability and proximity to work. One developer in New Zealand has bought a brilliant solution to the problem. He plans to develop a small complex with about 18-20 housing apartments that occupancy would require a tenant to have a dog.he believes the concept would not only answer the demand to a growing market, but make for happier, longer term residency.

Key Takeaways:

  • A Danish developer is planning to build an 18-unit apartment complex on the Danish island of Zealand called Hundehuset (Doghouse) aimed exclusively at dog owners.
  • On advice of the Danish Kennel Club, the apartments will feature extra-tough, claw-resistant flooring, as well as dog bathing areas.
  • Potential tenets have to bring their dogs (which must weigh 45 kilograms/99 pounds or less) to meet some of their prospective human and canine neighbors before moving in.

“Viuff came up with the idea for the dog-friendly apartments after learning of the need from local residents.”

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