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Here’’ s evidence that anything is possible if you have a canine at hand. Thomas Panek is 48 years of ages, and president and CEO of Guiding Eyes for the Blind , which supplies qualified service pets for the blind. He made history by ending up being the very first blind male to finish the New York City Half-Marathon. Panek had the ability to complete the race with the assistance of 3 guide canines: Gus, Waffle, and Westley.

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The New York Half Marathon runs 13.1 miles beginning at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, runs along FDR drive, and ends in Central Park. Westley, Gus, and Waffle were picked from Guiding Eyes’ ’ present training group of 7 pet dogs.

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Westley, a two-year-old, good-looking, black laboratory accompanied Panek on the very first 5 miles of the race. He then passed the torch to his littermate and sis, Waffle.

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Waffle ran the next 5 miles. She’’ s the fastest runner on Panek’’ s group and can run a mile in 6 minutes!

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Gus is Panek’’ s own guide pet, and the earliest member of the group at 7-years-old. He ended up the last 3 miles of the race and crossed the goal at Panek’’ s side.


Each pet dog set their own speed and Panek mored than happy to maintain as required. The security and wellness of the pet dogs was of the utmost value. Volunteers and vets were stationed along the path to ensure the pets enjoyed, hydrated, and safe. Each pet dog used little boots to keep his paws safe –– Westley’’ s needed to be customized made considering that his paws are so huge!

The group has actually been training considering that early February and it truly settled! Thomas Panek lost his vision in his 20s and has a guide canine of his own. He is the very first blind male to finish the New York City Half Marathon –– and it’’ s all thanks to his unbelievable group –– the fitness instructors, the sponsors, and naturally, these fantastic pets!

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