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Todd, a Golden Retriever young puppy in Anthem, Arizona, is being called a hero by his mother for leaping in front of her to take a rattlesnake bite to his face that was meant for her leg. The event taken place on Friday, June 29 as Paula Godwin was treking with her canines.

On her Facebook page , Godwin stated:

““ So today [I] was early and up intense to go on a walking on 7th street [and] Carefree. It was a gorgeous early morning however as we were strolling down the hill I actually nearly stepped on a mf rattlesnake. My hero of a pup Todd conserved me. He leapt right in front of my leg where I undoubtedly would have got bit. This is what a hero appears like. Please state a little prayer for my sweet hero.””


Godwin took Todd to Anthem Animal Hospital. His face was very inflamed, however he&’ s going to be simply great.

. Arizona Image source: Paula Godwin through Facebook .


On Sunday, July 1, Godwin offered an upgrade on Todd, stating:

. “ Todd ’ s doing so well; he is a marvel to me how he is recovery. Simply a thank you to all the assistance. Your generosity and assistance is reallya true blessing. ”


In this case, a pet was “ lady ’ s friend ” by conserving his mommy from a rattlesnake bite! We hope that Todd continues his healing and lives a wonderful life “as his’mommy ’ s protector. Method to go, Todd!


Check out this video from ABC15’:

Source: Dog conserves owner from rattlesnake bite in Anthem by KNXV

If you ’ re thinking about assisting other canines that end up being the victims of snakebites, a GoFundMe account has actually been established on Todd ’ s behalf to assist with the veterinarian costs for other pets.


( H/T: WGN-TV , Paula Godwin )


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