by Aurora James

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, staying home and practicing social distancing aren’t so bad when you have one or more loved animal companions. If you’re considering welcoming an animal companion into your home during the pandemic, the following resources should help permanently or temporarily. Prepare for the arrival of your animal companion, and keep your new animal companion happy and healthy until the COVID-19 outbreak ends. Read on to get started!

  • If you’re on the fence about adopting, Best4 My Pet shares 12 science-based reasons why it’s so beneficial.
  • Find the right pet for your personality, living space, and lifestyle.
  • Learn how to adopt or foster a pet during the coronavirus pandemic safely.
  • Prepare for the arrival of your new animal companion by pet-proofing your home and purchasing the food and supplies you’ll need.
  • Purchase your pet supplies online from retailers like Chewy or PetSmart to avoid shopping in-person during the pandemic.
  • Research local veterinarians and find out how they’re handling appointments during the pandemic.
  • Learn how to properly care for your pet during the pandemic, including how to walk and exercise your dog, keep your animal companion happy and entertained while you’re working from home, and create a safe outdoor space for your new pet to play in.
  • Create an emergency care plan for your new animal companion, especially if you live alone.
  • Hire a pet sitter or dog walker to care for your new animal companion if you get sick and cannot give your pet the attention they need as you recover.
  • Be prepared for your companion to have an accident. You should gather cleaning supplies, setting aside money (just in case) for professional furniture or carpet cleaning, and accepting that accidents happen.

If you have some extra space in your home and heart, the coronavirus pandemic is an excellent time to welcome a new animal companion into your life. However, before doing so, it’s essential to create an emergency care plan for your new pet, research local veterinary offices, and purchase all the food and supplies you’ll need to care for your animal companion throughout the COVID-19 pandemic properly.