Is Smoking Weed Around Dogs Dangerous?

As a dog owner, you should know that occasionally smoking small amounts of weed around your dog will not get him high, however, it’s not a good idea to make a habit of it. Generally, secondhand smoke of any kind is not safe for pets. Dogs, in particular, have very sensitive lungs, so they are very susceptible to smoke damage. At the very least, if you do happen to smoke weed with your dog present, open a window. The other thing to consider is that you are responsible for your dog’s well-being. So it’s best not to get high while they are in your care because your judgement may not be at its best. In the end, be careful and just use some common sense around using mind-altering substances if your dog present.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dr. Eric Barchas reassures pet owners that small amounts of marijuana smoke, released under normal circumstances will not intoxicate their pet.
  • Ventilation is important, as the animal in question can get sick if inhaling smoke over time in a room without windows.
  • Dogs in particular have super sensitive lungs, which can be compromised if exposed on a regular and ongoing basis to smoke, from weed, or cigarettes.

“It started when I wrote a few blog posts about what to do if your dog breaks into a stash of marijuana. At around the same time, I also composed a comprehensive website with 100 articles on dog and cat diseases, syndromes and treatments. One of the covered items was marijuana intoxication. The article on marijuana really got noticed.”

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