Mans Best Freind

Dogs are a major American pet status. Every year billions of dollars are spent on dog items, dog health, comfort, and entertainment. There are even stories out there of owners that have put their health care second to their dog’s health care…
In today’s world some couples have opted not to have children but have taken on the responsibility of a pet as a surrogate child. A few years ago, pets weren’t as important to their owners as they are now, People now think of them as children. They dress them up: celebrate their birthdays; all these things indicate how elevated a place our animals take in our lives.
Older people are living longer and may; have lost their life mate but they have the companionship and entertainment of a dog or cat.
Pets can be quite entertaining as I can attest to. One summer in Montana where we have no TV, we spent untold hours watching our dogs roll a ball that dispensed food. Not lonely was the toy a source of food and entertainment, but exercise. Our dogs were constantly on the move trying to get their goodies.
Dogs are being used for the eyes and ears of their owner and now also for sniffing out cancer. Some dogs are used with law enforcement and go home with the officer to be part of their family. Search and rescue dogs live with their handlers and love going places and having people talk to them and pet them. In some situations, dog owners who take their dogs on the water are opting for wet suits that help keep the dog afloat as well as protecting from hypothermia.
So it stands “Dog is Mans Best Friend” and we humans are willing to spend millions, to protect, dress and entertain them.