Chesty XV and Chesty XIV smell one another. Meet Lance Corporal Chesty XV

That little pup in the yard is Chesty XV in 2018 –– and nowadays, at 1 and 1/2, he’’ s the youngest Lance Corporal in the Marine Corps. He likewise takes place to be an English Bulldog.

Though Chesty XV just attended his very first parade as the Marines’ ’ authorities mascot in July, he ’ s simply the latest member in a long line of English Bulldogs functioning as mascots for the Marine Corps. Passionately referred to as the ‘‘ devil pet dogs, ’ Marines value their canine tokens. Naturally, Chesty and his predecessors train carefully for their tasks! Each brand-new member has huge (pet) boots to fill, so they wear’’ t have much time to squander getting up to snuff. A lot of begin their service as young puppies.

 Chesty XIV and Chesty XV gaze at one another in the yard. Chesty XIV Oversees New Recruit, Chesty XV in their 2018 Introduction (Official Marine Corps image c/o Sgt. Robert Knapp, through ).

Even after a year of preparations, previous Private Chesty was only simply promoted to Lance Corporal this summer season. And he still has a lot to find out. some were anxious after Chesty XV’’ s rocky launching in 2018 , nowadays he appears to be taking his brand-new function much more seriously. Method to go, Chesty!

Well, primarily. According to his handler, Staff. Sgt. Alexander Spence, in a Marine Corps Times interview , he has an unbecoming fascination with gloves. According to Spence in the Marine Corps Times:

““ Drop one [a glove] and it’’ s his.”


We ’ re sure he ’ ll outgrow it (or at the minimum, we’’ ll all forgive him).

A Mascot in Waiting.When he was still simply a young puppy, #ppppp> The Marine Corps presented Chesty XV early last year. This video, published to the Marines’ ’ Youtube channel in March of 2018, was his very first huge minute in the spotlight. He invested the remainder of the year completing training (3 months of effort!) and watching Corporal Chesty XIV, his predecessor. Chesty XIV came onto the task in 2013, and –– as holds true with all Marine mascots –– will live out his staying years in retirement with his caring adoptive household.

But now that Chesty XIV has actually gone into retirement, it’’ s Chesty XV ’ s possibility to shine. Throughout his promo recently, he was a lot more well-mannered than throughout his very first trip.

.What’’ s Next for Chesty XV?

Now that Chesty XV has actually presumed main tasks, his main function is to work as main mascot in the Marine Barracks Washington’’ s night parades. The parades occur on Fridays in the summer season in Washington, D.C. Chesty XV’’ s handler


Marine Barracks Washington Evening Parade


Marine Barracks Washington starts the 2018 parade season. The parade is an efficiency of music and accuracy marching.The Evening Parade includes:” The President’s Own” United States Marine Band” The Commandant’s Own,” The United States Marine Drum &Bugle CorpsMarine Corps Color GuardMarine Corps Silent Drill PlatoonCeremonial MarchersCpl. Chesty XIV, the main mascot of Marine Barracks Washington 8th &I.


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Dogs have long contributed in military life span. We ’ ve covered a few of the bonds in between Marines and their canines. But as a mascot, Chesty XVhas the difference of being a spirits booster not just for his soldiers however for the households and people in Washington and throughout the nation.


As probably the prettiest Lance Corporal, Chesty XV still gets regard and love from his fellow employed service members. Provide Lance Corporal Chesty XV a heart “ oohrah if you live near Washington! When you see him at the Marine Barracks Washington night parade this summertime, ”! For the rest people, we ’ ll simply have “to follow his experiences online.


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