Once Bullied For Being Different, This Oklahoma Boy Finds An Adorable Rescue with His Exact Same Condition

An Oklahoma boy name Madden was born with a cleft pallet, and his mother has always taught him to embrace his differences. They ended up making a YouTube video to show how special being different can really be. Meanwhile, there was a cat in Minnesota who was born with the same condition, and the cat ended up really hitting it off with Madden. Now they both have each other, and they both have a friend who can totally relate!

Key Takeaways:

  • Madden is a seven years old and is afflicted, or blessed, with a cleft palette and heterochromia.
  • Heterochromia is a condition of discoloration that can cause an individual to have mismatched eyes.
  • Madden and his mom traveled from Oaklaboma to Minnesota to adopt a cat with the same conditions as Madden.

“Since folding Moon into their family, Madden and Moon have become fast friends.”

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