Taking Your Pet to the Car Show

The day and age where pets are considered members of the family are upon us, and as such the number of people taking their pets everywhere with them is steadily rising. If you are one of these people, you probably know that not everywhere is welcoming to your pet, but there are others that are more than graciously welcoming to your pet as long as you take the time to plan ahead and ensure that your pet is taken care of. You may be surprised with some planning how well your pet fits into your plans and how well you are able to ensure the process goes.

If you are wanting to take a pet of course, your first step should always be calling ahead to the organization that is planning the car show and finding out if they are willing to allow pets. If the event is held indoors then you are likely to find that they are unable to allow pets to come in. However, most car shows that are outdoors, especially in recent years are more than willing to accommodate your favorite pet as long as you are willing to be responsible for them.

Once you know that the car show will allow your pet you need to ensure that they are healthy before you go. This is especially important if you have a very young or very old dog. It is also important to ensure that they have had their vaccinations; this will prevent them from catching anything that may be floating around from other dogs. Even while your pet may be disease free, the vaccinations are important to ensure that they do not catch anything from other pets attending the show.

Additional measures include ensuring that your dog has a well fitting leash as well as a harness or collar. If you are taking a very small dog, it is a wise idea to look for a harness that would allow you to quickly pick them up if the crowds get too heavy and there is a danger of someone stepping on your dog. A good harness will allow you to swoop the dog up in a matter of moments without causing any harm.

You should also bring a small water bottle for your dog. There may not be a suitable place that will allow your pet to get some water, so the water bottle is essential. Most pet supply stores sell water bottles that have small trays that attach to them; this makes it very easy to quickly and easily give your dog some water without having to find a container or a dish to put it in. You can usually find water that will allow you to easily refill the water bottle, but finding a container for the water is not always simple.

Another consideration that you need to take into account is ensuring that your dog will have access to shade and shelter during the car show. Most dogs are not capable of staying out in the hot sun all day, and will need to have shade at least for short periods of time to ensure that they do not become overheated and dehydrated. You are also going to have to make some arrangements for the dog to eat. Most car shows are not going to have dog food readily available to visitors; this is going to require you to find some food that you can easily transport with you. There are several small collapsible food bowls that you can buy at the pet store that are perfect for these occasions as well.

Making some arrangements ahead of time, there are plenty of ways that your pet can enjoy going to the car show with you. There is no reason at all why your pet cannot accompany you if you are willing to take the time to plan ahead for your pet. Going with your pet to a car show is lots of fun, but not planning and having a disaster on your hands is never fun.