Most pet dogs have a preferred toy, blanket, or bed that they can’’ t live without. For Theo the Bulldog, that preferred product is a metal bowl! Since he was a young puppy, Theo has actually had a weird fascination with bowls. Particularly, metal bowls that he can bring and hold around. He treats them like they’’ re his toys and he simply can’’ t live without them! His household has actually welcomed this weird habits to make Theo as pleased as possible.

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When Theo was a young puppy, his moms and dads started to observe his bowl fixation right now. He would arbitrarily stand with his 2 front paws in the water bowl. Whenever he’’d complete his food, he’’d play and take the bowl with it after. If his water got low, he’’d attempt to spill the staying water so that he might have fun with that bowl too.

Since his household didn’’ t desire him to keep spilling his food and water, they chose to purchase him some bowls of his own to have fun with. They rapidly found out that he chose metal astonishes plastic ones due to the fact that they have an edge that’’ s simpler for him to get onto.

cute Image: @bulldog_dad/ Instagram The Start of Theo’’ s Bowl Obsession.

Once Theo was offered his own bowls to have fun with, he ended up being really delighted. He takes them all over with him whether he’’ s sleeping near them, having fun with them, or chewing on them. He brings them throughout your house and even outdoors! It is extremely unusual to see Theo without a bowl.

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““ It ’ s nearly like a pacifier. Like a security blanket,” ” stated Theo ’ s father.


However, by investing a lot time with these bowls, they get extremely filthy gradually. They have to go in the dishwashing machine frequently.

If Theo sees his bowls getting put in the dishwashing machine, then he is not delighted. He will sit near the dishwashing machine to make certain they are fine. His moms and dads make sure to just clean his bowls when he’’ s not in the space to prevent fretting him too much.

cute Image: @bulldog_dad/ Instagram A Life Full of Bowls.

Now, Theo has great deals of bowls to make him pleased. He likes to constantly have one in his sight, so his household leaves bowls throughout your house so that their sweet pet never ever needs to lack one. Plus, if he can’’ t discover a bowl, he ’ ll go directly to the water bowl, discard the water out, and after that bring it around.

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He has metal bowls of all various sizes and shapes. He has enormous bowls, typical sized bowls, and even infant bowls. His father believes that the tiniest ones are most likely his preferred since they’’ re light and simple to bring around. As much as Theo likes the bigger bowls too, they can often be harder for him to get.

““ He ’ ll let you understand whenever he desires a bowl. Even if he has one sitting next to him, he desires a particular one,” ” stated his father.

Theo is an extremely delighted canine with great deals of amazing bowls to keep him captivated. His moms and dads still aren’’ t precisely sure why he enjoys the bowls a lot, however they have actually welcomed his quirkiness. Theo is such a fortunate pet to have a household that supports him and looks after him a lot.

cute Image: @bulldog_dad/ Instagram


Featured Image: @bulldog_dad/ Instagram

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