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A small-dog owner is cautioning others after her small Yorkie experienced a frightening close-call with a big bird recently. It might appear like the sort of odd occasion that is not likely to occur to you and your pet dog, however that’’ s precisely why she wishes to caution others to stay watchful.

Cecilia Celis has 2 Yorkies, both were outdoors on her household’’ s gated outdoor patio one day recently while she was inside preparing a meal. The 2 were loud, barking, however weren’’ t making any sounds that would trigger alarm. Cecilia stated she figured the 2 were playing together as normal. When Cecilia glanced outside, she saw what was actually going on ideal outside her door.

A big bird of victim, believed to be a hawk, landed in the backyard. The curious puppies approached, and when they did, the bird clinched Lulu in it’’ s talons and held her. Losing no time to get a cushion from an outdoor patio chair to strike the bird when Cecilia saw what was occurring she jumped into action. She struck the hawk 3 times with the cushion prior to it lastly launched Lulu from it’’ s grip.


Cecilia’’ s do not have of doubt might have actually conserved Lulu’’ s life. Hawks are understood to consume other little, furry animals like squirrels and mice. A Yorkie might have been a bigger meal, however this encounter might have ended terribly. Hawks Aloft , a company committed to the preservation of raptors, cautions that even bigger canines might be at threat of a predator attack:

““ As pet-owners ourselves, we share your issue for the security of your family pet. Raptors hunt a range of victim, consisting of rodents, birds, snakes, pests, and bunnies. Big raptors, such as Red-tailed Hawks and Great Horned Owls, can assault and eliminate little family pets. We have actually gotten lots of queries about felines and canines weighing anywhere from 6 to 60 pounds. There is no particular cut-off weight at which your animal’’ s security is ensured. If the size of your canine or feline resembles or not much bigger than naturally taking place raptor victim, there is a danger, not simply from predatory raptors, however likewise from city coyotes.””


However, they do state that hawks can not bring off more than their own body weight. Hawks can weigh approximately 4 pounds. Cecilia’’ s pet Lulu weighs just 2.

After examining her house security video, Cecilia saw torn straps on the bird’’ s legs, which led her to think that the hawk might have been a missing out on family pet. She tried to get in touch with regional owners who might have lost a bird to report the event and the sighting however didn’’ t get a reaction.

Cecilia Celis Not the very same hawk.

Lulu was taken right away to a veterinarian, and though a talon handled to pierce her neck, she’’ s anticipated to recuperate simply great. Still, she hopes others will watch for unforeseen predators.

““ A bird comes out of no place and it might take place to any of us.””


Keep and eye on your animal when they’’ re outdoors and think about having your pet dog use a predator vest. They might look a bit ridiculous, however they’’ re developed to keep your lap dog from being brought off, and safeguard soft locations where predators are most likely to attack.

Hawks Aloft Predator Vest™™ secures your pet dog’’ s most susceptible locations and feeds 25 shelter canines.


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