13 Cat Superstitions From Around The World

Here in America we’ve all grown up hearing the superstition about a black cat crossing your path equating to bad luck. However, there are many other common feline superstitions across the globe that many of us haven’t even heard of! In England, if a cat washes it’s ears a lot, many people believe it will start raining soon. Others believe that if a cat sneezes, someone in the household is bound to develop a cold soon.

Key Takeaways:

  • In England, many residents believe that if a cat washes it’s ears more than usual, it means that there is rain coming.
  • Here in America, it is a common superstition that cats have nine lives due to their resilient nature and having such good luck.
  • Another common feline superstition is that when a cat sneezes, it is a solid indicator that someone in the area is going to come down with a cold.

“With all the hype behind cat superstitions we decided to compile a list of the 13 best ones. Connecticut College psychologist Stuart Vyse tells CBS News that most people are superstitious.”

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