Should Cats Be Drinking Milk?

Contrary to popular belief, cow milk may not be the best drink for your cat. Though kittens possess the needed lactase to process their mother’s milk, it fades away as the cat grows up, and by adulthood, their body is not able to process cow’s milk very well. Drinking milk often could cause stomach upset in your cat and could lead to dehydration. A better option for your cat is fresh water, which provides a boost to many bodily functions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Most cats love milk but did you know that it’s actually dangerous for them to drink?
  • Consistent milk consumption by cats can cause grave health issues due to dehydration.
  • It is safe, however, for a kitten to drink its mother’s milk and only when nursing.

“Most cats are lactose intolerant and drinking milk will cause upset stomach and diarrhea. Continued consumption of milk can cause serious health issues from dehydration.”

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