7 Things In Your Backyard That Could Be Deadly For Dogs

Your dog is your friend and your responsibility. He trusts you and you should do all you can to earn that trust. Keeping your pooch safe from harm ranks high on the list of things you can do to earn that soulful look in your pet’s eyes.
Keeping Fido safe means making sure he has a place where he can run around, unimpeded and sure of returning to the house in fine fettle. That place should be the back yard. However, there are a number of common things found in many back yards that could prevent Fido from having a safe romp.

Pesticides can leave their mark on your furry friend’s paws, making it likely that he will eventually lick himself and ingest the nasty chemicals. Bladder cancer has been shown to be linked to pesticide exposure in dogs. You will want to be careful about what chemicals you use. Keep Fido inside for at least the first 48 hours after spraying. Do not leave any contaminated containers around.

Other things to keep a close eye on, are sharp objects, like gardening tools and possibly toxic plants and garden detritus, like sticks. Cocoa mulch is toxic for dogs. While there is nothing inherently wrong with fencing or garden furniture, make sure slats are closely fitted and fencing is not so low as to induce Fido to jump over it. Don’t opt for easily windblown chairs and eschew glass item.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many common flowers are poisonous to dogs and can even lead to issues such as kidney failure.
  • Fences with major gaps, especially underneath, pose a large risk due to dogs being able to dart away.
  • Make sure that your dog does not have access to any gardening tools with sharp edges.

“Long-term exposure can also increase a dog’s risk of developing bladder cancer. The best way to protect your dog while keeping your lawn bug-free is to limit the amount of time your dog spends outside for at least 48 hours after you treat your lawn.”

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