7 Things Every Pet Parent Should Know About Dog Food Labels

We’ve all seen the advertisements illustrating how many added ingredients can be found in many dog food brands, but are we really well-versed when it comes to what we should be looking out for? Most pet owners assume that the first ingredient is always the main ingredient due to many regulations indicating that they must be listed in weight content, but this is not always true. Companies often mislead consumers by writing a natural ingredient as the first on the list in order to defer consumers from reading on and seeing a plethora of additives.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is important to know which meat by-products to look out for so that you know how to distinguish them from real meat.
  • The terms, “nuggets”, “formulas”, and “flavors” only need to contain 25% meat.
  • Having a solid understanding of what cage-free means can also help you make the right purchasing decisions as a pet owner.

“While technically the ingredients are listed in order of weight, pet food companies have tricks meant to mislead consumers. For instance, the ingredients are ranked before they’re processed, and meat loses around 70% of its mass once it’s dehydrated.”

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