Dogs are so friendly that they are often seen befriending other animals. A dog in Madhya Pradesh, India kept up with this trend by rescuing an adorable baby monkey. To the surprise of some people nearby, they saw this medium-sized dog carrying a baby monkey on his back. The monkey was clinging on for dear life while the dog happily wagged his tail back and forth. What many people didn’t know was that this dog was on a mission.

The dog found the monkey by a nearby lake, which is where he got him to climb on his back. So, this sweet dog was determined to bring the monkey to safety. He walked carefully to ensure that the monkey did not fall off. He even paused from time to time to allow the monkey to reposition himself.

storiesImage: Screenshot, 24H News YouTube

After walking around for a while, the dog took the monkey straight to Rehli Police Station. It was as if the dog knew that the sweet little monkey needed help.

The Monkey’s Recovery

The officers noticed right away that the monkey had a strange collar around his neck. This lead them to believe that he had somehow been separated from his mother and captured by humans. If the dog had not brought him to safety, who knows what could have happened to this poor baby monkey?

At the police station, they gave the monkey a banana to munch on because he seemed very hungry. They recorded a video of the tiny animal peeling the banana and then enjoying his sweet treat. 

cuteImage: Screenshot, 24H News YouTube

One of the officers said that after the monkey ate, he seemed to be feeling better. So, they handed him over to forest officials to ensure that he stays safe.

This actually isn’t even the first situation of a dog caring for an abandoned monkey in India. A few months ago, a dog named Ruby saved a baby monkey that was being attacked by wild dogs. She even took the monkey under her wing and treated him like her own child!

There are so many animals out there that sadly have to go through rough situations. If this dog had not come across this poor abandoned monkey, the monkey might not have survived. Therefore, not only are dogs loyal to their family members, but many sweet dogs will do whatever it takes to help others in need. We could learn a thing or two from this kind-hearted dog.

storiesImage: Screenshot, 24H News YouTube


Featured Image: Screenshot, 24H News YouTube

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