Dog Owner Warns Others After Puppy Nearly Dies From Ingesting Pot At <a href="" target="_blank" style="">Dog</a> Park

Hannah Puzas, the owner of two bulldogs, spoke out after her younger dog nearly died from eating discarded marijuana at a dog park. Her dog, then only a puppy, made a recovery thanks to her quick thinking and vets at a clinic, but she still makes her point: parks should be safe places to let dogs play. Whether or not a person wants to use marijuana is not Hannah’s concern, it’s whether or not any leftovers are cleaned up.

Key Takeaways:

  • Recently, a French Bulldog named Jacques, was seriously injured when he accidentally ingested pot at a dog park in Seattle.
  • Jacques owner, Hannah Puzas, knew something was wrong when her French Bulldog became lethargic and began shaking.
  • While some dogs can benefit from CBD oil in moderate doses, too much CBD can be toxic and even deadly.

“When Hannah Puzas brought her two French Bulldogs to a local dog park in Seattle, she had no idea that hours later, one of them would be fighting for his life.”

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