New Certification Process Aims To Help Improve Safety Standards Of Pets On Airlines

After a dog recently met it’s unfortunate fate due to subpar airline guidelines, many organizations have been pushing for stricter regulations in order to ensure the safety of animals on board. An activist organization called CEIV has now enstated regulations that need to be met for certification that will last 36 months at a time in order to provide more quality and safe flights for our four-legged friends. Pet owners can be reassured that if an airline is CEIV-certified, then their pets are in good hands.

Key Takeaways:

  • The IATA recently announced CEIV Live, an optional animal transport safety certification program.
  • The purpose of CEIV Live is to help airlines improve upon animal transport safety standards and will be a stamp of approval for passengers wishing to travel with animals.
  • The new standards will include updated airline and government regulations, as well as guidelines for shipping, handling, and documentation of animals.

“The Los Angeles Times reports that the program is being designed “with the help of industry experts, including veterinarians and government agencies” and “ensures certain training, procedures, equipment and animal documentation is in place.””

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