Exotic Pet Tiger Caring Tips

Felines are wonderful creatures. They bring so much allure and delight. They have natural class and elegance.

It even gets better when they are exotic, like the tiger. Owning a tiger is such a big feat. It is like wearing a red outfit while the rest are in gray.

How to Get Tiger as a Pet?

Tigers are exotic cats. They are difficult to get. They are not the typical house cat seen in every block in the neighborhood.

Tigers aren’t available in pet shops. It is very rare to find someone who can give an offer. Yet, the moment the opportunity is out there, more things are needed in owning the exotic pet tiger.

• Is It Endangered?

Most tigers are endangered. Thus, this could be an obstacle. Make sure that the kind of tiger you get is not endangered, or else the feline might just be good for an overnight stay.

• Know the Law

Federal and local laws could restrict or regulate the ownership of exotic pets like the tigers. Get to know these first. Violating the law may be more than just losing the pet to the authorities. It could mean paying fines and more!

• Commitment and Responsibilities
Tiger ownership is a big commitment. Be ready for the responsibilities and headaches along the way.

• Financial Capability
Expenses can’t be avoided in maintaining the tiger. The tiger is a big animal, it has big needs and demands.

• Consult the Family
Owning a tiger is a big decision. Get the consent first of the family before someone gets the cold shoulder.

How to Care for the Tiger?

Once a tiger is fully settled in the household, a lifetime of companionship also entails proper care. Here are some tips to remember:

1. Housing
Get a structure to house the tiger. This should be roomy enough for the feline to move around and play around.

2. Diet
Tigers are heavy and expensive eaters. Keep a good stock of food. The food should meet the nutritional requirements of the feline

3. Veterinarian
Seek regular veterinary care. This is to ensure that the tiger gets the needed vaccination and treatment. Make sure there is one available within the vicinity who will be willing and able to attend to the exotic needs of the pet tiger.

4. Safety
Make sure the tiger is properly secured in their spot. Put structures that will confine them to avoid unnecessary escapes, for the safety of everyone in the household and neighborhood.


Owning an exotic pet isn’t an easy thing, but once the decision is made, live up to the requirements. Provide only the best care possible.