Hero Dog Frida Saved Dozens During Mexican Earthquake, And Now The World Will Never Forget

Residents of Mexico are hailing a dog named Frida for helping rescue dozens of victims in the recent Mexican earthquake. There have been paintings and statues built to honor this canine hero, and this isn’t the first time that they’ve come to the rescue. Frida also helped identify the body of a police officer who was murdered, as well as helped in other rescue missions that were a result of natural disasters. Mexico will never forget the hope and companionship that Frida instilled in them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Frida also helped identify the body of a police officer that was brutally killed.
  • A statue and painting were both designed in order to honor the presence of Frida and how she helped save so many.
  • Survivors of the Mexican earthquake claimed that the main way that Frida was there for them is by helping them feel like there was hope.

“The 7.1 magnitude earthquake rocked Central Mexico on September 19, killing nearly 400 and injuring many others. Frida worked diligently, as a member of the Mexican navy’s canine unit, near the quake’s epicenter in Mexico City.”

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