5 Dangerous Dog Habits & How To Fix Them

Canine friends are one of the most loyal and rewarding companions to have, but sometimes they can display behaviors that are concerning, or even outright dangerous. If your dog is starting to engage in the act of darting out the door, be sure that they are spayed or neutered in order to help minimize their natural instinct to run outside and find others to mate with. Also be sure to dedicate 20 minutes a day to play time in order to help them maintain balanced energy levels.

Key Takeaways:

  • Even the most playful and fun-loving dogs engage in some behaviors that can put themselves and/or others at risk.
  • For dogs that chew and/or ingest inappropriate items, it’s important to keep hazardous items hidden away to avoid an emergency trip to the vet.
  • To keep your pet and others safe, look into behavior modification training for dogs that bolt into traffic, chase joggers, or dig under fences.

“Chewing feels good for dogs. Even when they have plenty of bones and chew toys to choose from, they may still go after sticks, pine cones and leather shoes because the texture is appealing to them.”

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