Hiking With Dogs — Tips for Bringing Your Pup on the Trail

Hiking with a dog is becoming a more popular activity that can benefit both the human and the dog. There are pitfalls that can happen, however, such as Shiloh who ate something that resulted in a $10,000 vet bill. Before hitting the trails, it is recommended that you work on your dog’s fitness by starting with short walks that increase length. When you are ready to bring your dog on a hike make sure the trail is dog friendly and be prepared to rest often, bring lots of water and look after your dog for signs of extreme exhaustion or panting.

Key Takeaways:

  • Before taking your dog to a national park for an official hike, train your dog by taking short walks with them, and then gradually increase the time, distance, and terrain to prepare them.
  • It’s important if you are taking your dog hiking that they are a well-socialized dog and understands basic commands such as “sit,”, “heel,” and “stay.”
  • When taking your dog on their first hike, choose easy trails that are known as dog-friendly.

““Hiking and backpacking is a real quality-time bonding experience,” Linda Mullally says. A Carmel, California, resident and lifelong outdoor enthusiast, Mullally and her husband, David, have co-authored seven books on backpacking or hiking with dogs, with another due out this fall.”

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