Senior Chihuahua Finds Best Friend/Ride In His Golden Years

A chihuahua named Tito was placed into the Wise Animal Shelter after his owner was hospitalized and could no longer care for him. He had developed nerve damage in his face, which made it hard for him to move parts of his face. Tito ended up being adopted by Kristina Helfer who has two other dogs, and everyone fell in love with what his presence added to the dynamic. After 15 years, he found another loving home that he complements.

Key Takeaways:

  • older animals in shelters often need medical care that owners are unable to provide.
  • Most animals that come to a shelter in advanced age often remain there.
  • Fostering an aged pet can not only be rewarding for the humans, but for other pets in the home as well

“The shelter staff wanted him to live out his life in the comfort of a real home, and he became the first dog in the shelter’s hospice program, Lola’s Legacy. Kristina Helfer was ready to take him into her home and Tito was happily welcomed by her two pitties, Frank and Piper.”

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