HORRIFIC: 50 Horses Found Dead, Another 87 Starving Animals Rescued From Texas Animal “Sanctuary”

Recently, 50 horses were discovered dead and in varying states of decomposition at Over The Moon, an animal sanctuary located in Canton, Texas. In addition, 35 other horses, nine donkeys, and one longhorn were found starving and eating tree bark just to survive. The animals were in a pasture and had no access to water or food. All of the animals found alive were suffering from diarrhea, malnourishment, insect bites, hair loss, and other injuries. The SPCA of Texas visited the property shortly after a complaint they received on March 3rd of suspected cruelty. While the SPCA had worked with the owners previously on proper animal feeding and care, officials and local police ended up seizing the remaining animals.

Key Takeaways:

  • The SPCA of Texas visited a Texas animal sanctuary after a report came in of suspected animal cruelty.
  • The SPCA worked with the owners of the property in the proper care and feeding of animals.
  • When another complaint came in, two weeks later, of dead horses on the property, the SPCA worked with local law enforcement to obtain a warrant to seize the remaining animals from the owners.

“50 horses were found dead in different states of decomposer on one part of the property. In a large pasture with no access to food or water they found 35 horses, nine donkeys, and one longhorn.”

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