by Cindy Aldridge

If you’re a business owner, you might think you don’t have time for a pet. However, it’s possible to care for an animal and manage a thriving business—it simply requires some careful planning. What’s more, according to The National News, entrepreneurship and pet ownership need similar traits, such as patience and the ability to accept that you can’t control everything. As a result, pet owners can make better business leaders.

So, how can you start a new business if you have a pet? Best4MyPet offers many resources to support pet owners. Read on for additional tips that can help.

Set up your business entity before bringing your pet home

When you bring an animal home, you’ll want to spend time with them. Create space in your schedule by taking care of basic business administration first. For example, set up a formal entity like a limited liability company to streamline tax filing. Note that LLC regulations vary between states, so check your area’s rules before proceeding. A business formation service like ZenBusiness can handle the paperwork, freeing up your time to focus on your pet.

Create a space for your pet away from your work area

Concentrating can be hard when Fluffy is on your lap, or Fido is pawing at your chair. Beck Technology notes that having a dedicated workspace minimizes distractions. Set up your area, and then give your pet a particular spot where they can keep comfortable while you work. For example, if you work at a desk in the living room corner, you might set your pet up with food, water, their bed, and toys in the kitchen.

Establish a daily routine that suits your work schedule and your new pet

A routine is essential as a business owner, helping to improve efficiency and reduce procrastination. Patterns are also helpful for pets—especially dogs, who thrive in structured environments. So do establish a routine that suits both you and your furry friend. For example, you might start the day by walking your dog and feeding them while enjoying breakfast. Then, you can get down to work, creating a specific start time for the workday.

Build a support network to help you with pet care

When juggling a pet and a business, it’s good to have help. Have a pet sitter on hand who you can call in case of emergencies. For instance, if you have to leave town suddenly on a trip, it’s reassuring to know you have someone you can call. When searching for a professional, ask about previous experience, availability, and referrals. Ideally, they will meet your pet before you hire them, so you can see how the two interact.

Trust technology to help in your personal and professional spheres

Technology can help you manage your business and your pet more effectively. For example, use an intelligent assistant to dictate emails and carry out basic admin tasks while you’re busy feeding your pet. In addition, WhatHiFi offers a list of the latest speakers worth checking out. Apps can also be helpful. For instance, some apps help dog owners with everything from training to location tracking. These cutting-edge tools will make everyday life easier.

Starting a business while also caring for a pet can be challenging. However, you will manage with proper preparation—and the right support system of people and technology. Let the tips above guide the way.

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