How to Prepare Your Dog for the Arrival of a New Little Human

You love your dog. He’s been your special friend forever. But, now a new human is on the way. You may find that little changes in your closeness and the time you spend together. Conversely, you may find, if you are pregnant, that you need to scale back your together time. If so, do it gradually and your friend is less likely to notice.

Fido may also echo your anxiety and need some soothing. Some doggies are a bit unpolished and may be wise to consider some obedience training before the storm arrives. Be patient with your doggy. Be consistent. Reward her efforts. And keep sessions shortish, so she doesn’t get restless. Another option could be getting Fido a playmate. But remember that is twice the care for you, on top of the baby.

Key Takeaways:

  • Your dog can, and will, be the best friend to your newly born baby!
  • Though dogs can be very gentle, it is important to take safety measures when around your baby.
  • Let your baby, or young kids, enjoy the relationship they have with their dog because it is so worthwhile.

“Besides sharing at least a bit of history, they bring you much-needed companionship and a little levity now and then, and they love you unconditionally. However, when you discover that a little human will be added to the mix within a fairly short period of time, there may be questions about the health aspects regarding yourself, your coming child and the loving pets who depend on you.”

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