Animal Pet Sniffing Floor Covering Slow Food Anti-Choke MatBite-Resistant Durable p [et Interaction Training Materials

Name: Pet sniffing pad
Product: Polar fleece/ Oxford towel
Color: yellow grey
Size: 50 * 50cm.
Weight: 355g.

1. Launch excess power.
Sniffing for 10 mins amounts running for an hour. Sniffing is the nature of pets. Via smelling, you can accomplish self-satisfaction and relieve stress.
2. Puzzle, preference and also smell slow food.
Pets can consume treats by smelling, which can raise their eating pleasure as well as sense of accomplishment. At the very same time, they can contribute in slow food and also develop healthy eating behaviors.
3. Triangular secure suction cup.
3 8cm effective suction mugs near the bottom can be strongly connected to the ground,.
4. Environmental security felt cloth.
It can additionally be eliminated if the dog eats really felt cloth by mistake/will not cause gastrointestinal discomfort.
5. Flexible reduce band.
Adjustable dimension and also hassle-free storage space.

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