In the United States there are few things that people fawn over as much as their pets

My husband and I own both dogs and cats. When we were first married my husband had a dog and made it clear to me that he did not like cats. I grew up with pet cats and knew that I wanted to have one in our family home. After we were married a year I convinced him to add a pet cat to the family. My love of cats is well known amongst our friends and relatives and I soon started receiving cat related items as gifts. I now have a curio cabinet filled with various cat statues and also have a great deal of jewelry with cats on it. For my last birthday I received a cat door mat and a new ceramic cat food dish. The cat door mat that I received is rather small and mat of rubber. I decided that this would be a good thing to use to place the cat’s food dishes on. I placed the cat door mat in the corner where the cats eat and put a decorative can on it that contains their food and then their food dishes and water bowl. It makes the area look more appealing and the cats seem to enjoy their new mat.

Since I received the cat door mat I have seen many such rugs in the stores. Some of them have cute sayings on them and others are cut in the shape of a cat. Some are made out of exotic materials that make them very expensive. I think these are for pet owners that have a great deal of money to pamper their pets with. Along with the abundance of cat door mats there are also an increasing number of outfits and toys available to keep your cat happy. I laugh when I seen some of the expensive toys, because my cats, when they are awake, tend to play with an old ball of yarn and the twist ties that come off of bread bags. They get an occasional cat nip toy that they will play with for a few minutes, but usually they are content to sleep on the bed or the back of the sofa. I have found that our cats do not care what the new toy or article is, they just want food water a place to sleep and having their ears scratched in the evening.