5 Dogs Who Look Like Bears

Humans have been held captive by the intimidating yet charming aspects of bears for centuries. Although you may not be able to go out and purchase a domesticated black bear, there are many dog breeds that resemble the features associated with the bear population. The Newfoundland, for example, not only has facial features that are similar to those found on black bears, but they also have webbed feet for increased swimming ability just like bears do.

Key Takeaways:

  • Newfoundlands have bear-like features, and also webbed feet for advanced swimming abilities.
  • Pumi dogs somewhat have the appearance of bears, but they are much smaller. They do, however, have their work ethic.
  • Chow chows have amazing strength and power, similar to what is found in bear species.

“The Polar Bear has rather webbed feet, too, although most bears don’t. But unlike bears, we Newfoundlands will take a plunge to rescue humans! In fact, we were developed on Newfoundland to work with fishermen.”

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