Petz 5 Adoptions

Petz 5 adoptions are the newest alternative to owning a pet. A Petz 5 adoption gives you a little bundle of cyber joy. It is a program that you can download on to your computer that allows you to raise cyber pets. These cyber pets require the same things as a real pet. You have to feed them by selecting the kind of food that they should have, there are healthy things that you can give them and then there are treats. You have to train them and give them affection all through your computer interface. There are several sites that offer petz 5 adoptions you can adopt almost anything that you can think of, from dogs to cats, rabbits and even birds. They are adopted as kittinz or puppyz then through the proper care and attention they grow to maturity and can have litters and families of there own.

If you neglect a petz then if simply runs away. Most sites give you a petz owner rating to tell you what kind of pet owner you are. There are many good reasons to adopt a petz instead of a pet. Some of those reasons include limited space, at the office too much, parents won’t let you have a pet until you prove yourself, and there is also the expense factor. Once you buy the program, most cost a small fee some are even free, there is no additional cost such as food, training ect. ect.

Some of 5the other benefits include you are not stuck with just one kind of pet. You can go out and get all manner of petz once you have the platform for it. They are heart warming little things to have on your desktop. Some play with them like a game while still others use them as an alternative to actually owning a pet.

Though it is primarily a game and software that is mostly free, you still must be at least 13 years of age to adopt a petz and agree to the license agreement. Once you start having litterz you can place your petz up for adoption. Some come with names some just have numbers. Word to the wise do not get too many going at one time or you will never be able to keep up to all of them. The feeding and training and loving can get to be a little much if you have too many petz at one time. If they get to where they feel neglected remember they will run away and your ratting will go down.

This is a fun game and is defiantly a place to start for young people that want to adopt a pet, for older people that can’t have pets or for people that have pets and just love there computer. The programs are user friendly easy to install and use, and most importantly Fun.