Learn What Those Confusing Cat Food Labels Really Mean, And Protect Your Pet

Although all cat owners love their feline friends, many owners do not read the nutrition facts of their cat’s food. Many foods do not provide a complete diet for the pet. Many cereals in cat food are difficult for cats to digest. Furthermore, if you are going to feed your cat human food, realize that there are many foods that are unsafe for cats. These foods include garlic, onions, chocolate and alcohol. Any raw meat or dough should be cooked thoroughly as well to prevent infection from bacteria or other digestinal problems.

Key Takeaways:

  • Some cat foods do not offer a complete, nutritious meal for the cat.
  • Foods that can cause digestive isues for cats include onions, garlic, raw eggs and meat, chocolate, dairy products, and dog food.
  • Many of the cat foods available in UK supermarkets contain filler ingredients such as cereals that are hard for cats to digest.

“An estimated 40 percent of all animal owners don’t read the label when it comes to their pets’ food, the Sun reports. And that’s a big problem.”

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