Black Bear Cub Climbs Onto Gatlinburg Restaurant Patio And Eats A Pizza

At Howard’s Steakhouse in Tennessee a surprise awaited diners and sent them running. A bear cub climbed over the rail and onto a table where a pizza was awaiting. The customers abandoned their food and the bear enjoyed the food. Some were humored by the incident, while others were upset that no one took action to scare the bear away. These black bears live nearby in Great Smoky Mountains Park but what concerned experts was that the bear was not afraid of humans.

Key Takeaways:

  • Several of the customers commented that they felt sorry for the bear and felt it looked too thin.
  • Wildlife experts were concerned that the bear did not appear to be fearful of humans.
  • Once bears begin to associate people with food, they lose their fear of humans and will enter into any area where they smell food.

“People were enjoying a meal on the patio of Howard’s Steakhouse in Gatlinburg, Tennessee – when something sent them running. A bear cub was seen climbing over the railing, and onto the table where the fresh pizza was sitting. Carolyn Ball, a waitress at the restaurant, told WBIR News, “Last week, we had a bear climb up a tree from the creek and onto the patio where some customers were eating. The bear surprised them. They obviously got up and left the food on the table. The bear stood on the ta”

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