3 Reasons Why Your Dog Needs To Know Their Name

Your dog being able to comprehend its name is important in assisting the formation of their communication skills for proper growth and development. Dogs understand verbal cues much differently than humans. They just recognize the familiar sounds coming from their human companions, and they respond accordingly. For your dog to not only recognize its name, but also see it as a positive command, they will become much more alert and accommodating whenever you need to call them.

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s extremely important for your dog to know their name because it is their cue for all communication with humans and they need to be able to differentiate their name from other human sounds.
  • Your dog’s name becomes a positive sound to them, signaling that they are about to receive attention and love from their owner.
  • Use positive reinforcement methods with the use of a clicker and the reward of a tasty treat to teach your dog their name.

“Training your dog to come when called is a trick some dogs excel at from the beginning, but some of the more spirited pups at the park don’t catch on as quickly. During those dreaded scenarios when you can’t catch your pup, it seems like they’re being purposefully defiant.”

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