Retired Bomb-Sniffing Dog Adopted By Former Marine 7 Years After Serving Together

Nick Montez has a buddy named Mally, who is a canine military agent taught to sniff bombs. Like many soldiers the bonds of a solid friendship were forged by serving together in Afghanistan, where the pair worked tirelessly at keeping civilians and military personnel alike safe from improvised explosive devices, or IEDs. Montez’s affection for his war-time buddy grew, even though he had never owned a dog prior to his acquaintance with Mally.

After the pair’s deployment Montez was separated from his friend, who was assigned a new set of duties in San Antonio. Montez had her military ID tatooed on his leg and did not forget his friend, even petitioning to adopt her.

Montez did not give up, he pursued his dream of reunification steadily, filing required documentation and speaking to officials. Finally, his efforts paid off. Mally was deemed ready for retirement, which was to be with her old friend. Even though Mally was now nine years old she recognized her old friend. The townspeople in her new hometown of Spokane came out in droves to offer their best wishes to the retiring canine hero and her former handler.

Key Takeaways:

  • Montez and Mally were unfortunately temporarily separated after Montez ended his deployment.
  • Montez even had a tattoo of Molly and her identification tag on his leg.
  • It took years of Montez petitioning in order for him to finally obtain the right to adopt Mally.

“Montez traveled from his home near Spokane, Washington to Lackland Air Force Base to pick up his dog. When he finally laid eyes on Mally, he said the moment felt surreal. At almost nine years old, Mally has spent the majority of her life away from the handler she grew close to in Afghanistan.”

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