Getting a Pet for your Child

I’ve never met a child that hasn’t wanted a pet of some type. There are many different pets you can chose for your child, depending on their age and what you would like in your home.
Hermit crabs are an easy pet to begin with. They aren’t messy, require little care, and still give your child a pet of their own that they can care for. You can take them out of their cage and let them crawl around, and they can change to larger shells as they grow.
Hamsters or guinea pigs require a little more care. Their cage must be cleaned every week, and they need fresh food and water every day. They can be messy, and they are a nocturnal animal, which means they want to play while you are sleeping. If you put a hamster wheel in their cage, they will get their exercise at night, which can be noisy.
Cats and dogs are less messy to care for, but require more care in other ways. Dogs need regular baths and combing. Both need food and water several times a day. Dogs need to be walked and taught to be house trained. If you decide to give your child a dog as a pet, be prepared to assist in the training, puppies are a lot of work.
There are several other types of pets you can choose. Reptiles might be a good option if you want a pet with low maintenance. Fish are a great pet to begin with, although they tend to die easily.
Giving your child a pet is a great way to teach them responsibility. Make sure you choose a pet that is appropriate for your child’s age.